Access to Capital Markets

Larger SMEs already have access to capital markets; for example, almost half of the organisations listed on the Malta Stock Exchange (MSE) are entities of this size. The benefits of listing are evident – in fact, listed organisations out-perform their unlisted counterparts in terms of turnover, employment and profitability as a result of better corporate governance, efficiency and brand value.

In most countries,  the traditional route taken by companies to access the capital markets has been through the regulated market, which entails compliance with a number of criteria:

  • Listing has to be granted by the relevant Listing Authority
  • Instruments are passportable within the EU if admitted in compliance with the Prospectus Directive
  • The listing process requires a prospectus
  • There are minimum share capital requirements
  • There are minimum market value requirements
  • A minimum of 25% of the issued shares must be offered to the public in the case of an equity
  • The listed company must have a compliance officer who ensures on-going adherence to listing obligations.

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"...listed organisations out-perform their unlisted counterparts..."