International Admission

Whilst Prospects is a domestic market, and will be based and operated in Malta, access to this market is available internationally, both in respect of non-Maltese companies seeking to be admitted to Prospects, as well as investors interested in investing in instruments admitted to Prospects.

The Corporate Advisor role remains a requirements in respect of the admission process.  In the case of non-Maltese applicants, the Advisor could be based in the country of the applicant or in Malta, but would ideally have a presence in the applicant’s country in order to be able to advise and monitor the Company, as well as be familiar with the respective country’s culture, norms and regulatory frameworks. In any event, whether based in Malta or not, the Corporate Advisor must be recognized and approved by the MSE.

Similarly, investors seeking to invest in a non-Maltese company may do so at IPO stage, through the channels available at that stage, or subsequently through the secondary market.  In the latter case, the investors may use any Member of the MSE to access the market.  However, it should be noted that the international Corporate Advisor may also apply for Membership with the MSE since, being present in the country of origin, they would be able to offer access to the market to the investors who will probably hail from the country where the Company is located. 

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