Application Process

The Corporate Advisor will be responsible to ensure that the company achieves the right levels of corporate governance and transparency. The Corporate Advisor will also assist with applying for admission to Prospects through the completion of the relevant application forms, business plans, and other disclosure documents. These can be found and downloaded through the Prospects website.


Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) made under the Prospects Rules, which are lower than €5 million, and have fewer than 150 investors from any single jurisdiction shall be approved by the MSE.


IPOs with a value which is greater than €5 million (or which would exceed €5 million within 12 consecutive months in respect of the same issue), or with 150 investors or more, will fall under the Prospectus Directive, and will, therefore, need to seek authority for admission to Prospects from the relevant Listing Authority.


The Corporate Advisor will also be responsible to carry out a due diligence process on the owners, and management, of the applicant.  As can be seen, the role of the Corporate Advisor is critical to the application, and subsequent admission to Prospects. The applicant’s relationship with its chosen advisor should be retained for as long as the company’s securities remain admitted to Prospects.

           Prospects 5 Steps Brochure