Eligibility to be a Corporate Advisor

The following are the criteria required in order to be approved as a Corporate Advisor by the MSE:

The applicant may be either an individual or a legal person operating in Malta or any internationally Recognised Jurisdiction. In the latter case, they must provide the MSE with their Memorandum and Articles of Association as evidence of their valid incorporation or registration;

The Applicant:

  • Shall employ, directly or indirectly, at least two designated qualified persons who shall serve as liaison persons. Such qualified persons shall be able to demonstrate proven experience in providing corporate finance, corporate governance, legal or accounting consultancy services covering capital structuring, strategy, acquisitions and sale of companies, management consultancy, corporation taxation, preparing for admissions to a public market, investor relations management or generally operating as a public company;
  • Must have the capacity to represent client companies to the Prospects marketplace;
  • Must maintain the same level of independence, impartiality and objectivity from client Companies at all times as required for the Corporate Advisor;
  • Must be a person of good standing;
  • Must have successful accreditation and aptitude levels through (a) formal education and training (including periodic updates) provided by the Exchange regarding these Rules and Prospects requirements and (b) a formal interview by the Exchange;
  • Must provide an undertaking to keep in continuing contact with the Exchange and client Prospects Companies for which it acts as advisors with a view to affording efficient liaison and readily replying to any questions arising at all times.

           Prospects Rules

         Corporate Advisor Guidelines