Role & Responsibilites

During each phase, Corporate Advisors have a critical role in the process:

Pre-Application Phase

Step 1 - Will conduct due diligence on the company, its shareholders and key management personnel

Step 2 - Will provide advice and support on the creation of the business plan and the application process

Step 3 - Will guide the company as to the management structure and financing options, whilst ensuring that the company satisfies all eligibility requirements

Step 4 - Will prepare accounting and other disclosure information

Step 5 - Will submit the final application to the MSE for admission to Prospects


Corporate Advisors have a critical role in ensuring good corporate governance, transparency, viability and investor protection


Application Phase

Step 1 - Ensure that directors of the applicant company understand their responsibilities and obligations

Step 2 - Receive assurance that applicants have procedures to ensure compliance and disclosure, where required

Step 3 - Complete admission documents and associated checklists

Step 4 - Support the IPO processes as may be required


The Corporate Advisor needs to ensure that the process is fully understood and that all relevant details are fully disclosed in a clear, unequivocal manner


Post-Application Phase

General Obligations

  • Advise the MSE should any material change occur which may impact its abilities to fulfill all the responsibilities of a Corporate Advisor
  • Provide the MSE with details of qualified persons supporting corporate advisory services
  • Disclose a list of current and former Prospects clients

For each Prospects client

  • Maintain contractual services agreements
  • Retain capacity as an independent advisor
  • Regularly interact, advise and disclose as required


The Corporate Advisor must ensure that good corporate governance and transparency are maintained once the company has been admitted to Prospects






           Prospects Rules

         Corporate Advisor Guidelines